Electric Cars: The Cars of the Future?

Electric Cars Charging

Electric cars are not a new phenomenon in New Zealand; they have been available to ordinary drivers for several years now. However, they haven’t really taken off in the NZ market. According to Drive Electric, only 1,015 electric cars are registered in the country, in comparison to 70,000 in Norway, which has a similar population size. Surely it’s only a matter of time before electric vehicles become more popular among Kiwis. Just consider the huge financial benefits these cars offer. A standard car travelling 14,235 kilometres per year requires $2,847 for fuel (figures taken from http://www.ecotricity.co.nz). On the other hand, an electric car travelling the same distance could cost as little as $524 a year! Many drivers in New Zealand find it difficult to keep up with the cost of fuel, tax, maintenance and insurance for their cars, which are pretty much essential for everyday life. If you find yourself in a tight situation towards the end of the month or you’re thinking about purchasing an electric vehicle, then a good solution is to take out a short-term loan. Use a recognized lender like ferratum and make sure you are familiar with the repayment terms. If you are looking to cut down on your driving costs in the long run, then switching to an electric car is one of the best investments you can make. Although I have only focused on the financial advantages of electric vehicles, the environmental benefits are also huge. Drivers of electric vehicles in New Zealand emit 80% less greenhouse gases than petrol car users! If you ask me, electric cars are here to stay. The question is, Is NZ ready for the cars of the future?


Web Hosting, Part 2: Things to Avoid

Web hosting - What to avoid

Hi folks, I am back again and this is the rest of the post on web hosting: Things to Avoid. Registering the domain with the same company – Almost all web hosting companies will offer the domain in the package. However, it is smart to purchase the domain from a different source, the reason being it is easy to switch your hosting company if you have the domain from a separate provider. Making payments by credit card – It may seem convenient to have a monthly charge put on your credit card. But if you cancel your subscription, it becomes messy. The hosting company may continue to charge your card in spite of the cancellation. The best way is to pay via debit card or net banking, and if you have a Paypal account, it is also a good way to pay securely. Not backing up site data – A website is very critical in era of Internet, and your website has critical data. Hence, it is advisable to always make regular backups. This will help to avoid extra work if the site is hacked or if data is lost due to server issues.

Web Hosting – Things to Avoid – Part 1

So after talking about birds eye view on web hosting, here I would like to talk about somethings that are to be avoided to have any regrets later. We will be talking about it in two parts, and here we start with the first part.

When you are looking for a web host to serve as your parking spot on the internet then you don’t want to make any rash decisions. You want a host that has the features you want, the price you can afford, and the reputation to show you they’re the best.

mistakes to avoid when choosing a web host

The Promises They Make

You will notice a lot of web hosts make some pretty outrageous claims about their site. T

They might tell you to expect 99.9 percent uptime, but on smaller web hosts that just isn’t possible. There are too many websites on a lot of these servers for them to be up all the time. Some people fall for it and then get angry when it isn’t as promised, but you should do a lot of research about claims they make before you sign on with a web hosting program.

The second thing you want to avoid when choosing a web host is an under-developed website. If they can’t get their website to advertise themselves under control, there is no way they are going to be able to run a whole hosting service. The third thing to look out for is a lack of references. If they don’t have reviews or even a list of people that use their services you should be wary.

A Low Price Point

Usually if something seems too good to be true, it most definitely is. If you come across a really inexpensive web host then you should move on. They are able to charge such a low price because they are getting a lot of websites and this means their servers will always be down. They are going for quantity over quality and you will pay greatly if you go for the low price over a good web host with a lot of reviews and a history of satisfied customers. The low price is not always going to be the best way to go.

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In first two posts, we talked about how to select the best web hosting option. In this and the next post, we would talk about the features of VPS hosting.

It is just through VPS facilitating that a medium channel is built between the common and dedicated hosting. It is a definitive web hosting response for the organizations, which oblige bunches of web server reserves. With this sort of web hosting, you get the advantages of committed hosting which is less expensive than the traditional dedicated hosting. Generally, VPS utilize the procedure of parcelling the physical server PC in a few (virtual) servers all having autonomous operating system and software.

In a VPS hosting arrangement, it is truly reasonable to have sandboxes to hold up two virtual servers with one physical server. There is no conflict in the execution of two unique sites even though being hosted on the same server. A VPS hosting is valuable for both people and in addition, businesspersons searching for uniquely constructed solutions and a powerful server.

virtual servers - holding the vps

If you are changing to VPS Hosting be ready for its horrible significance. It has become a necessity for you to be aware of all the components and advantages of VPS hosting. If you are fully aware of these you would surely get profits from the money that you invested  while hosting your own web sites.

  • You get full root access by VPS and your website achieves a complete operational partition and power in the same way as other dedicated server accomplishes for you. With this, alterations that take place within different websites, currently present on the same server, will not influence your website.
  • For the majority of the organizations the most suitable choice is VPS hosting because in less money they have capability to increase the output. From software industries to real estate, all the territories specially the metropolitans have a very high competitive level. In brief, VPS hosting gives you maximum profits.
  • A dedicated server is more expensive than shared hosting (VPS). It also makes extra charges to prepare force on a large scale due to which you find yourself vulnerable. Therefore, VPS hosting is the best in this situation and provides you the surety of extra proficiency, reliability, and output.

And we continue in the next post.


Bird’s Eye View of Web Hosting and Choosing the Most Lucrative Web Hosting Options – Part 2

Hey Guys

So here I am with part 2

Types of Plans

Once you decide the operating system and the type of Web Hosting service you would like to have, you could browse and compare the plans different companies offer. Plans would likely include dimensions of Web Space available, the band-width, domains and sub-domains you would likely get and the number of Email accounts possible with various plans.  There could be promotional offers where-in a starter or a basic package is bundled with a higher/efficient package which could prove lucrative if it suits your requirements.

Add-ons offered

Along with these plans and packages, there are add-ons that are offered mostly in terms of after – sales services, quick help and security options. While these mentioned could be the normal ones that any company would offer, some could come out with novel options like a custom-made plan to suit to your needs,  easy options for payment, trial period for 30 days, 24/7 online customer help-desk, data monitoring and protection, affordable prices etc.

Keeping in mind your varying business needs, compare and chalk out the Web Hosting service that caters to your needs to the fullest and see an unprecedented growth in your venture.

Different types of web hosting plans


You can give an impetus to the Web Hosting service for you and your business needs by opting services from a reliable web hosting company.  These companies will have packages and plans to suit to your need perfectly or could even customize one for you depending upon your wants and preference. In a nutshell – choose carefully.

Bird’s Eye View of Web Hosting and Choosing the Most Lucrative Web Hosting Options – PART 1

So let us start with what I am completely into. If you are looking for a web hosting, I would cover what you need to know in two posts.

There is no activity under the sun that doesn’t need the World Wide Web for its promotion. Keeping one’s self in line with today’s technological advances, it has become important to promote one’s business activities on the internet. You may be flooded with options and offers to get a Web Hosting package for your activity or business but are unable to choose the right one.  In-case you are a novice in this field, then this is the best place for you as we detail for you the types of Web Hosting options based on the Operating system and also on their working pattern. We’re sure to help you choose the right option for Web Hosting service.

different types of web hosting services available

Type of Operating System

You have a number of options when you talk about operating systems like Linux, Windows or MAC, OS X. So before you choose what type of Web Hosting service you would like to use, it’s important that you choose the operating system based on operation.  While choosing the operating system, keep in the mind the operating system the majority of your clients use. Your first step is well-targeted towards your present and prospective clients.

Types of Web Hosting

There are many types of hosting based on the usage of domains and servers. They range from the basic one like Free Web Hosting, to Shared Web Hosting where an in house person has a limited scope to use and advertise and typically they refer to static Web Hosting services.  Contrary to these, there are more dynamic and customised options like Dedicated Web Hosting services and Managed Web Hosting services. These services offer more facilities in terms of being more dynamic, sharing more content, being more interactive and offer full control of the user on the Web Hosting. But it would be better to use the Managed Web Hosting option when compared to the Dedicated Web Hosting option as the former one gives the user an assurance of quality service and non-tampering of content on the web by unauthorised identity.